Sunday, August 29, 2010


On Saturday one of my favorite boutiques SPLIT OBSESSION at Ala Moana held a MACHINE MACHINE trunk show.  It was sooo good!  It helped that I had a $60 gift certificate.  I ended up spending $100-- for all of this!!!!!

Today, my friend Jess and I headed to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.  Not as much dealers today as we had hoped.  Our theory is that everyone was at home watching this game.  But I did have a few finds...

pretty vintage DeMario earrings (I may repurpose them into a necklace, but am first trying to find out their real value. does anyone know??)

 and this little cutie...

I also found a booster seat like this in very good condition.  One of my good friends wanted to borrow ours, but for the life of me I could not find it.  I have had to turn her down on so many things that we either got rid of, or just cannot find after cleaning and moving out of our home last year.  We seriously still have boxes in storage.  Anyway, I saw it and decided to buy it for her.  

Here's the funny part. Jess and I keep telling ourselves that we need to "put our game faces on" before people think we're suckers and charge us too much for things.  But the truth is, I am a HORRIBLE bargainer.  I asked the woman how much she was selling the booster seat for.  She said "$10...are you interested?" I told her "no, that's okay."  then she says, "you can make me an offer, you know."  my reply?  "umm...I don't know how to!"  She looked at me like I was crazy and said... "you just tell me whatever price you're willing to pay...".  I said, "uh...$7, maybe...??"  she said okay, and I bought it.  And I know that I probably could have gotten it cheaper but honestly, I felt bad.  The way I calculated my asking price was by thinking about how much I wanted it for ($5) and adding on $2 extra just because I felt like she should be making some money from it.  I know I am a head case. but that's why I am a TERRIBLE bargainer. oh well.  It was still a steal. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

simply ArTistiC challenge #2

VINTAGE ALICE for Simply ArTistiC:

I was so excited to use the cute little kit that I recently purchased from the sequined shoe:

more creating to come...

also some fun things in store for my fellow kind-hearted bloggers (possibly in a few weeks or so??). stay tuned!! make sure to take a look at all of the fabulous bloggers participating in the campaign.

ATC overload

I recently had a ton of ATCs to make for swapbot deadlines. here are just a few of them...


 eric from true blood

 bella and edward

and just a few more to go...


I had the best time at this month's ART + FLEA held at Fresh Cafe in Honolulu. There were about 40 local vendors selling DIY, and VINTAGE items.  It was like going to a thrift store with all of the best finds sorted through there for the taking (I mean purchasing).  And by the way... the cafe part is a MUST in itself. it's really cute, and the food is so good.

As my friend Jess says, we are "the crazies".  we tend to get VERY EXCITED about things that others around us might not share in.

 My intent was to take a lot of photos, but I was too distracted by all of the goods!  It really reminded me of the Indie Mart in San Francisco.  In fact I felt like I was on the mainland.

I left with:

a vintage owl pen holder (with free buttons)

okay, so here's where the crazy part starts to rear it's ugly head...
I was BEYOND THRILLED to find this little Pinocchio figurine, and even more thrilled to hear that she wanted 50 cents for it. 50 cents!!  I was like, why isn't everyone fighting over this gem?  I got a little high off it.  and then I went home and saw that someone is selling it on ebay for $9!!  it's a McDonald's toy!

here's Pinocchio after telling a lie.  his nose grows!  that was the seller!

I also bought this pretty remade necklace by popcloth

and a vintage dress.  it has a tiny hole at the waist, but I plan on wearing it with a belt so it's no problem.

the best part.  I only spent just about about $30 for all of that!!!  I already can't wait for next month.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I've been wanting to showcase  local designers from hawaii for awhile now.  But was finally inspired to after this past weekend's made in hawaii festival.

  • I mentioned earlier that I bought two roberta oaks dresses for $60 (on the sale rack!!)... now I am addicted to her dresses-- they are sooo comfortable and cute.  the dresses I bought are similar to the 3rd photo--but in different prints/colors.
(photos above from robert oaks website)
  • I've also been stalking the machine machine etsy shop lately.  her designs are made from repurposed vintage clothing... the cute hat is made from a vintage aloha shirt.

(photos above from machine machine etsy shop)
 (photos above from fighting eel webshop)
  • and kawaii girls dresses and bags from moopiland (she makes adult dresses too!)
(photos above from moopimart online shop)
  • more local shopping... this thursday my friends jess, sheryl, and I are planning on attending this event:

can't wait, and hope to have some photos to share!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010


A busy, busy weekend...

  • friday was my mom and grandma's birthday (my mom was born on her mom's birthday).  family and friends stopped in to say "hello"... my cousin brought over a delicious cake from elvin's bakery...stawberry shortcake to be exact:
  • on friday night we celebrated the spirits of our ancestors-- with friends at the bon dance in my hometown.  in hawaii we celebrate obon season from june through august.  with various temples hosting a bon dance each weekend.  the temple that held the festivities is right down the street from my house.  I have been going to it every year since I was born!

young and old dance in circles around a high wooden tower (bandstand) called a yagura -- some wear traditional japanese costumes, some wear "happi coats" -- short jackets, and many dance in regular clothing.  it was packed-- the food lines seriously took an hour...

we ended up going again on saturday night.  em kept saying dance,, again!
  •  on sunday we had a birthday lunch for my grandma at assagio's.  the cake my aunty ordered was hilarious.  you'll see why:

who's "granda", and why do we have her cake???  haha.  

another fun, but busy weekend...

Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's been awhile since I've done a real scrapbook layout...but I fell in love with kitschy digitals new calico dream kit.

I printed the digital files on 8.5 x 11" matte photo paper.  I cut up the patchwork paper and turned them into paper flowers.

I also wanted to share my jessica hamby (from true blood) ATC I made for a swap...

We've got lots going on this weekend, and tomorrow is a holiday in Hawaii.  Hopefully I'll have some fun photos to share.

Monday, August 16, 2010


ahhh...another lovely weekend has come and gone.
  • the weekend started off with a friday night trip to target!
  • on saturday we headed to the rubber stamp and scrapbook expo at the blaisdell.  here are my goods:

lots of gem/rhinestone embellishments-- they were 20% off!  and super cute mindwave kawaii sticker packs.

we also went to ala moana with the intent to have my car washed and detailed (which I do maybe once a year), but marc ended up dropping us off, and taking the car.  he is planning on buying a he was on a mission.

we ate at island's fine burger at ala moana for lunch and had tons of left overs.  as we were leaving I spotted a homeless woman studying the menu posted outside the restaurant.  she was looking at it so longingly, then headed to macaroni grill across the way to study theirs.  I pointed her out to mom and marc, and that maybe we should give her our left over food.

they agreed and I went over to talk to her.  I said excuse me, this is for you--it's our left over food. and handed her the bag.  she looked at me questioningly, and I urged her to take it.  the look on her face was completely worth it.  at first she looked totally stunned, then she said thank you and grinned ear to ear. as we walked away she thanked us again, and again with the biggest smile...and headed back to wherever she had been hanging out...

the food would probably end up in our refrigerator for days anyway...

  • sunday, my aunty invited us over to her house to swim.  it was such a nice day--great way to spend a sunday afternoon.

don't know who had more fun. em jay...or grandpa????

now it's back to work...thankfully friday is a holiday...