Monday, June 6, 2011


Em and I made these fun, and super easy to make confetti-inspired cards.

I carved out (with an exacto knife) tiny geometric shapes from a stamp carving block...but these work really great too.

For Em's "kid-friendly" stamps I cut out tiny shapes from a styrofoam take out container and used two-sided tape to adhere the shape onto a wooden peg.  Tape works great because you can easily peel off and tape on a completely different shape-- then you'll only need one wooden peg.

If I were to do it over again, I would use something thicker for Em's fun foam to eliminate those rings around the image.  I'm okay with the imperfectness though, and had to work with what I had.  Still, I think they came out pretty cute...

Reminds me of this pretty soap:

I also came across an inspiring post with "confetti" images at my life as a magazine.  A blog I've been love, love, loving lately!


Jenna Templeton said...

Love your confetti inspired greeting cards! Would like to learn how to make my own stamps too one day. Thanks also for the blog shout-out :)

Rachel M said...

I love those! :)

Kitiya Palaskas said...

These are so super cute! I adore tiny stamps.

JessT808 said...

Adorable! Looking forward to seeing u two this weekend ;-)