Thursday, June 16, 2011


1.   The last movie I saw was: Super 8.  Super Awesome!  If you loved Goonies when you were a kid-- you will love this.

2.  I want to: get through this looong week...we're going to maui this weekend!

3.  Surprises are : the BEST!

4.  The best accessory is: a smile. I like when people smile.

5.  My favorite warm drink is: hot chocolate.

6.  My favorite cold drink is: caffeine free diet pepsi

7.  Currently loving:  chicken laarb from bangkok chef. I've been thinking about it daily.


Lin said...

My husband has been begging me to go see Super 8. I've been a little 'eh' about it but hear a lot of great things. Maybe I'll actually give in this weekend & take him :)

Stopping by from Lauren's blog.Have a great weekend!

Mel Stringer said...

Thanks for following me :)
Mel x

Creepy Jen said...

oh, bangkok chef! best yellow curry EVER.