Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Inspired by this:

 [SOURCE: Zappos ... they have an excellent selection of marc jacobs]

Made this:

How to:

Trace bow shape onto shrink plastic (white, or clear) using a black permanent marker (I like BIC).  Keep in mind that shrink plastic will shrink to approximately 3x smaller.  

Color in with black permanent marker and leave an uncolored outline to create the "negative" effect. Cut out the image.  Shrink using a heat tool or oven.  

Trace the white uncolored outline of the bow with white opaque marker to enhance the bright white color (I like Elmers acrylic paint pen). 

Glue onto your hair clip.  For this one, I glued (with a hot glue gun) pink velvet ribbon onto a plain alligator clip...But you really could glue it onto anything...rings, headbands, brooches, etc.  You could even punch holes (before shrinking) and make a pendant!

And here's a pic of em jay tonight before bedtime...

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Ooh I love this! How pretty. Thanks so much for adding this to the One Pretty Thing Flickr pool. I'll be lining in my next Fashion Roundup.