Thursday, March 25, 2010


a teeny tiny hanging mobile featuring an upcycled water bottle cap:

  • water bottle cap (white)
  • drill (1/16" drill bit)
  • crop-a-dile tool
  • 3 pieces of twine, string, or ribbon (about 6 inches long each) -- to hang the mobile
  • 2 strands of 6 lb. monofilament (about a foot and a half each) -- to thread your mobile objects
  • materials to hang (round sequins, leaf shaped sequins, flat rhinestones, pom poms, mirrrors)
  • ribbon to wrap around the cap (optional)
  • glue (jewel glue or hot glue gun) 

step 1: take your bottle cap and drill 4 small holes like this:

step 2:  glue a ribbon around the cap and punch 3 equal spaced holes around the cap with a crop-a-dile:

step 3: thread the 2 pieces of monofilament in a "x" pattern (used a pen to illustrate since it's hard to see the clear monofilament in a photo):

step 4: after threading the 2 monofilament pieces cover your "x" by gluing a button (holds down your thread):

step 5: take your 3 pieces of string/twine/or ribbon and knot each piece through the 3 holes on the sides of the cap and tie all three together in a knot:

step 6: (the fun part) you should have 4 thread pieces hanging from the bottle cap. start gluing your rhinestones, sequins, mirrors back to back along the four strips of thread (try to keep each thread even in weight). vary your thread lengths and trim thread to your desired length.


and a photo of my little em jay today...

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That is so sweet! Thanks so much for adding this to the One Pretty Thing Flick pool, I'll be linking in Sunday's Weekend Roundup.