Thursday, April 8, 2010


  • a plain BIC pen
  • japanese masking tape (I got mine from a stationery store in san francisco)
  • large pom pom
  • several acrylic beads (or any other charm)
  • jump rings
  • eye pins
  • clear thread
  • needle
  • hot glue gun
STEP 1:  take about a 6-8" strip of japanese masking tape and cut it in half lengthwise ( I find it easier to work with a thinner strip)

STEP 2: begin wrapping the pen with the tape diagonally, making sure none of the pen is showing.  if it gets lumpy just smooth it over--the tape is pretty pliable and forgiving (and looks just fine with a few lumps)

STEP 3: continue wrapping (cut more strip is you need to) until entire pen is covered

STEP 4: after your pen is wrapped, it's time to work on your dangling charm (or for a quick and easy pen, feel free to use an already made one from a cell phone strap or broken bracelet)

use your eye pin to create links / connectors on your beads (here's a good TUTORIAL)

continue making beads with connectors until you have enough for your desired length

link them together with jump rings

after you've made your charm the length you want it to be, tack it on to the pom pom with clear thread (monofilament) don't worry how you do it, it won't show.

STEP 6: use a hot glue gun (high temperature) to glue the pom pom onto the top of the pen


for even more ideas on how to use japanese masking tape see -- part 1, part 2, part 3, & part 4

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