Tuesday, April 13, 2010


*note: these are not for babies, or children to play with. they are purely for room decor.

  • old baby blocks (helps to use one with the paint faded off, or in a light color like yellow)
  • gesso or some type of paint primer
  • acrylic craft paint
  • black micron pen or other high quality pen
  • (optional) other embellishments
  • clear glaze
step one: take your old block and paint gesso (or primer) on the raised edge and letter. let dry.

step two: paint over gesso in your color of choice with acrylic paint (3-4 coats, let dry between coats).  let dry.

step three: paint on your design (flowers, animal print, dots, etc.). let dry.

step four: outline with micron pen for details. let dry completely.

step five: paint over with clear glaze

step six: (optional) add other embellishments

use to decorate your shelves or desk...

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Dari said...

Love it!! SO cute!!