Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today felt:

I stepped out of an elevator today and smiled at a lady.  She smiled right back and in that moment I immediately felt good.  Like I was about to have a really good day.  I realized in that moment just how much power we have within ourselves to create our day the way we want it to be. Even in the busy moment of my work day, a small smile made a huge difference.

I used tissue paper in blue/green tones and small strips of red polka dot tissue.  I cut out a image of a girl from a free people catalog, mod podged everything on the page.  I added masking tape around the edges for a border, and did my journaling right on top of it all.

It was nice to sit and reflect on my day for special moments that stood out of the ordinary.  I automatically thought of the elevator moment because it really did give me a feeling of contentment.  I remember thinking-- this is going to be a good day and I'm going to go home later and spend time with emily and marc and just be happy.

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Hearthandmade said...

I love this layout :) im still thinking of a creative way to portray my feeling!! And hoking out some pretty tissue paper! i really love your style