Sunday, April 4, 2010


Completely forgot to share this funny thrifting story.  My sister Jen and I decided to stop at a local goodwill a month or two ago.  While digging through the bric a brac section, I saw her slyly side-step toward this lady going through a basket of odds and ends.  She reached her arm out and snatched a package from the basket she was sorting through.  The lady shot her the nastiest glare.  But then turned away after eyeing out the package, and deciding she didn't really want it.

Jen presented me with package and said, "I thought you would like this!". It was the CUTEST vintage mushroom DIY kit! LOVE IT.  I told her I would be mad too is someone snatched something from the basket I was digging through, but it was so worth Jen committing thrift store bad manners!


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