Monday, May 31, 2010


san francisco edition

I am all things san francisco this week because of our upcoming trip.  here are some of the reasons I loooove visiting san francisco--and why we go there so often.

(warning: image heavy)
  • DOE: a cute little boutique on haight street--they tend to carry a lot of deer, mushroom, red riding hood, and russian doll items...
(source: doe)

 (source: yelp)
  • DOJIMA ANN: there's no reason to miss good japanese food in san francisco. this place is sooo good and close to what we get at home in hawaii, if not better.  we eat here at least three times whenever we visit.
 (source: yelp via mango t)
  • AMOEBA RECORDS: we usually visit the haight street location, and I can spend hours browsing.  tons of used cds.  during our last trip I was feeling nostalgic for high school and  picked up used copies of blind melon, the smashing pumpkins, tom petty, stone temple pilots, and violent femmes.

 (source: wikipedia)
  • I LOVE THESE MOVIES AND SHOWS FILMED IN SAN FRANCISCO:  charmed, the pursuit of happyness, the joy luck club, mrs. doubtfire, the wedding planner.

I am getting so excited, which explains why I talk about it so much.  can't wait to share our adventures... and my purchases--I plan to shop till I drop!


naddie said...

love love LOVE joy luck club.
this movie made me choose english
lit for my o levels but when I got
to the class I'd wanted, the school
decided to change the lit text ):

kinokuniya ftw~

Dari said...

I absolutely LOVE SF too!!! I so miss it and can't wait to, one day, go back. I wish I could live there was the best year!! Have an awesome trip and I can't wait to read and see all about it!!

Rachel M said...

It sounds and looks amazing there! I can't wait to hear about you trip. XxX

Creepy Jen said...

i'm so jealous you're going to dojima ann! natto with quail egg!!

Teddi said...

have a ball n sf! make sure u check out the cool graffiti art n the haight (isn't it right across street from amoeba?) that store rocks! it's my fav music store of all time. all those band posters & flyers on the wall.sigh

Lehua said...

I love SF too! Hence why I moved here. :)

janel. said...

I want to go to SF now!! :) I am so glad that you found my blog because now I am in love with yours!!

Kathryn said...

hello! i am stopping by from the 'tell your story' class. i love your blog and those victorian houses are AMAZING!