Friday, May 14, 2010


  • packing tape
  • magazine page image (recycled magazine pages seem to work well)
  • popsicle stick, or burnisher tool (I actually just used the plastic rounded handle of my scissors)
  • small bowl of water
step one: find an image you want to transfer and place a strip of packing tape over it.

step two: cut out the packing tape covered image from the magazine page.

step three: rub over the entire image with a burnisher tool (or rounded handle of scissors) to smooth over the surface and get rid of air bubbles.

step four: soak the entire image in a bowl of room temperature water.

step five: rub off the magazine page from the tape.  it should rub off very easily.

step six: gently dry with a paper towel.  the adhesive will still be a little sticky, but the image should have transfered onto the tape.

now you can trim or cut out the image to your liking and use in journal pages, card making, art, etc.  the image will be transparent enough for background paper to show through.

be forewarned: this is very addicting!


Karisse said...

Um. I need to try this right now!

tippytoe foxtrot said...

This is one of my favorite tricks!! It's so satisfying when you rub all the paper off.