Thursday, May 6, 2010


using japanese masking tape!

  • a blank picture frame
  • at least three colors/patterns of japanese masking tape (I used four colors)
  • scissors
  • ruler
step one: decide on your color scheme and start laying down tape (I used a ruler to try to keep the tape strips evenly sized) in a patchwork pattern, alternating colors.

step two: keep applying strips, keeping in mind that it's easy to trim off the excess around the edges.

step three: japanese masking tape is very forgiving...after trimming the excess, it's easy to rub/fold down the edges to give it a cleaner look.

step four: keep on applying in a patchwork pattern, trimming, and folding tape around the edges until the entire frame is covered.


really, what can't you do with japanese masking tape??


Shemaine Smith said...

Love your frame! I'd love for you to visit our design blog full of masking tape inspiration!

Kim said...

That's a lovely frame!