Friday, May 28, 2010


  •  I also came across these CUTIE paperdolls at babalisme.  Stop by her blog to download the PDF file.  I had been wanting to make some magnetic paper dolls for em for our plane ride to keep her busy-- and these are just perfect. make sure to check out her entire blog for even more wonderful printables!
  •  More lovely clip art can be found at one of my favorite blogs--  Katrina shares too good to be true freebies, and takes the most beautiful photos!  you will LOVE her "paper buffet" download. I promise.

  •  I also came across a super inspiring japanese blog called 8 tokyo. I could spend all day looking through the posts.
  •  Red Velvet Summer Camp is starting real soon.  I haven't signed up yet--but know I will!  All of elsie's classes are wonderful and inspiring.

  • Don't you love songs that you never get tired here, and listen to / watch the most beautiful song ever made. sigh. love mazzy star.
  •  I also want to say thank you for reading my blog.  It's a way for me to unwind, and relieve stress, and to push myself to be creative daily-- which is so good for my spirit.  And I'm glad there are people out there who support my creative journey, and actually like some of the things I have to share!  I am honored.  I also plan on doing a GIVEAWAY! when I get back from my San Francisco trip so stay tuned.
  • Lastly, here's a funny little photo of "indie emily"...

Have a great long weekend!!!



babalisme said...

ooo thank you for mentioning me! did you enjoy your printable?

Rachel M said...

Have a lovely weekend! Emily looks very cute in her indie outfit :)

Mommyswanson said...

I discovered your blog via Rachel's over at red velvet & love it here!! Thanks for sharing your talent.


jo_annie said...

@babalisme: I enjoy ALL of your printables! they are so cute!!!

@rachelm: thanks for stopping by!

@Laura: thank you! I'm glad you found me.