Wednesday, May 26, 2010


my friend nicole who loves weird, unexplainable stories as much as I do, has a category on her blog called "strange and unusual".  I have my own "strange and unusual" story to share.

Last week I went to Queen's Hospital (in Honolulu) for work.  I got into the elevator on the 5th floor to go down to the first floor.  I'm the only person in the elevator and I press "1".  A second later, the "4" button lights up all by itself.  It stops on the 4th floor, no one gets in--I peek out and nobody is even around.  It's empty.  The door closes and it goes down to first.

Okay, that was strange already.  But, on Monday after work, I had a dentist appointment.  When I got into the building I got in the elevator and pressed "7".  Again, I was all by myself.  The elevator stops on the 4th floor!  And of course, no one gets in--I look outside and the floor is deserted.  The door closes and it heads up to 7.  Kind of freaky.  There must be something about "4"s that I need to pay attention to.



Lacey said...


babalisme said...

scary!! but to most Asian, particularly Japanese and Chinese, there is "something" about number 4 they consider it as bad luck, similar to 13 as international bad luck number. Why? because they pronounce 4 as "shi" which also means "death". (like bat as in baseball bat and the animal)

So yes, to me, it's reallllly scary. anyway I won't experienced that, in Asian most building eliminate number 4 as floor title, they change it to 3B or 5A.

jo_annie said...

yikes! babalisime-- Here in Hawaii we totally know about the "4" thing too! But it didn't even come to my mind! that IS scary...lets hope it's done and over with.

that's really interesting about the 3B or 5a floors...