Saturday, May 22, 2010


"ups and downs"

this page actually has a lot of meaning to me.  it's a quote by johann wolfgang von goethe, "where there is much light, the shadow runs deep."  it's about duality.  to me, this means in our darkest places is where we find our biggest gifts.  the idea that our "shadow self"--the "bad side", "dark side", all the horrible things that happen to us is what makes us better human beings.  wherever there is light you will always find a shadow.

for this page: I wanted to use a "diamond theme" because raw diamonds are so ordinary at first glance, and are only shiny after being processed-- "a diamond in the rough."  I used a mix of vintage papers, and one of my hand carved stamps of a diamond.  I colored in a scallop design with markers.  then I drew a bunch of diamonds in a row, and added lettering, and watercolor paints.


Sal said...

i love your page. love the diamond in the rough idea...i still have a long way to go!

naddie said...

great page you have here (:

tippytoe foxtrot said...

Really, really fantastic. Really.

jo_annie said...

thank you guys!