Saturday, June 26, 2010


I've been collecting clothing tags for awhile-- some of them are just too cute to throw away.  I really wanted to document all of my favorite television shows right now because there are so many!!  So...I made a little "shows I love" mini book using a bunch of clothing tags.  the great thing about them, is that they come with a ready made hole to attach your book ring to.

this was so much fun to make, especially since I tried to make it a point to use only left over scraps--it was a challenge!  and okay, so twilight is NOT a television show...but it goes with the "vampire" theme, and I LOVE IT!

and here are a few "juno" ATCs I made for a recent ATC swap:

in other news...em jay had her very first "time out" this afternoon (it worked!).  she was just not listening and getting into EVERYTHING.  most of the time she's a very good girl--and so funny and cute.  but man, sometimes I feel like a failed mother.  I think to myself "what am I doing wrong, here..."  am I giving her too much attention, not enough, is she getting spoiled, is she becoming much too strong-minded...and yikes, is she learning all that from me?!?!?  all those things go through my mind.  Is it just a toddler thing?  Or maybe I'm having too high expectations and being unrealistic, and I'm expecting her to be "good" ALL the time.  I don't know, parenting is HARD!

here's my little toddler tonight with her signature goofy smile...


carlyholgate said...

The mini book is too cute! Great idea, it's very inspiring.

Teddi said...

very clever clothing tag tv show book. very honest sharing about being a mommy. very cute little girl wearing a bob marley t shirt.

Kelly Lynn said...

Your daughter is adorable! Parenting is hard. I have two teenage boys and they sure can break my heart better than anyone!!!
Kellylynn9 from swap-bot