Friday, June 11, 2010


day one:

we went to the farmer's market:  I had tamales, and ginger-peach tea lemonade...
In Japan town we stopped at Sophie's Crepes for a savory turkey avocado crepe, before browsing the cute little shops in Japan Center. 
day two:

We had breakfast at Mo's Grill, then walked up and down Chinatown.  Then we had the adventure of our lives--trying to get to the Indie Mart.  Although this was our 4th trip to San Francisco in 4 years...It was uncharted territory. 

the first bus we tried was heading the wrong direction on a one way street.  then the muni train we took dropped us off at an intimidating hill so we waited for a bus (according to my map)--but apparently they changed the bus routes in December 2009. oh my.  we decided to try another bus stop and ask for help--and waited, and waited.  I told Marc that the "universe is telling us that we shouldn't go to this thing--if one more wrong thing happens...we're going back to union square..." Sure enough, a bus of angels picks us up... the driver tells us that she is going on break but will try to drop us off as close as possible, at the safest area she can get us to--she basically used up her break for us...then the girl on the bus takes my map and directs us where to go... I guess the universe answered back.

and it was worth it!
some of my purchases: san franpsycho shirts, golden gate t-rex shirt for emily, acrylic doily coasters by archicraft, a necklace, vintage cupie doll.

makes me want to start some kind of craft fair like this in Hawaii...

part two coming soon.

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Lehua said... looks like you had a blast here in SF and you hit some of the favorite spots!