Monday, June 21, 2010


what a busy, busy weekend.

em and I got to do our leisurely walk on friday, and our ritual of sitting on the hill counting cars that pass.

my sister arrived from seattle on friday, so we spent a quiet night at home hanging out, and eating yummy korean food.  em was so happy to see her. after the initial shock--she did a little dance.

saturday was my father-in-law's surprise kanreki party.  he thought we were having a small father's day lunch at willows and was definitely surprised to see all of his family gathered--especially my husband's brother, wife, and kids (em's cousins) who flew in from maui.  marc's parents live in maui too, and see them often--so the fact that it was kept a secret that they were also flying into oahu was a huge surprise.  em enjoyed all the little waterfalls at the restaurant...

after the party we went SHOPPING at ala moana center.  I bought a few things from american apparel, and more japanese washi tape from shirokiya.

on sunday, em and I went to gymboree in the morning. marc played cards with his dad, and bothers saturday night, so he slept in town instead of driving back home.  so em didn't get to spend father's day with daddy.  but when he got home--we got ready to go to sesame street live!!!

the look on her face when they first came on to the stage was priceless.  completely shocked--she blinked three times.  then she was a little scared (she wanted to sit on daddy's lap).  after a few songs though, she started dancing and pointing and naming all the the end--she wanted to stand up and watch so she could get closer.  it was a hit. thank goodness--I was afraid she would freak out.

now I need another weekend after the weekend!!!! phew.

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Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

love her face! it's so funny