Friday, July 2, 2010


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Inspiring the soul...

I had a blog before called "neverending growth", in which I often talked about my growth and journey in life.  and being a hospice social worker, a lot had to do with my professional development too.

I wanted this new blog to be more about crafting and inspiration-- less heavy than my other one.  but sometimes I just can't help merging the two at times-- especially when my creative self emerges from my work self.

People ask me, "how can you work in's such a hard job"... my general response is usually, "I wouldn't be able to do what you do..."  but the longer version is that helping someone find peace at the end of their life is such a great gift.  I don't feel like I am surrounded as much with death as I am with life.  sure a majority of my clientele end up passing away inevitably, but the rest of the time I've known them they were LIVING.  I help others but in turn, I'm helping myself too. I learn so much about life and about how I want to live my life.  I wonder, I ponder, I learn, I change, I try to become a better human.  I am always awestruck and humbled by humanity.  it's all about human connection.  that is the reason I'm able to work in the hospice field.

I had this article forwarded to me at work and thought it was a great way to take a peek into the "hospice world".  I have had every single "experience" described to me by many, many different patients in the past 6 years--except #4 about crowded rooms (wonder why).  It just amazes me.

5 common deathbed experiences

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