Saturday, July 3, 2010


Finally got a chance to work on this card:

Used: love elsie paper, my own photo, dymo tape, sequins, and "shake it" shaker card pouches.

Remember having to cut out transparencies and use foam squares to make those old school shaker cards?  the shake it pouches make it sooo easy...all you do is stick it on!  Found it while browsing my favorite scrapbook store here in Hawaii.  Be back later with (hopefully) more hand made things...


Jess Takishita said...

Is this one of those ATC card things? If it is I'm going to make one so I can trade you for this one! This is soooo adorable! Hope EmJay is feeling better. Poor thing!

Hearthandmade said...

wee EmJay! So cute, hope shes better soon :)

I love that card!! I cant really get love elsie paper over here.. i love the big polaroid bit!

Claire xoxo

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jo_annie said...

Thanks you guys! Em's much better!

Jess: it's not an ATC it's a card! but I can send it your way anyway... =)