Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I've found some AMAZING things on etsy recently. AMAZING.

 super cute camera case

anywhere pen holders

all of the above from nothing elegant

pretty colored dymo tapes from kawaii things

scrap kits from qtea kits

browsing etsy has to be one of my favorite pastimes...


ashleyrwatts said...

Oh wow...thanks for enabling my etsy spending binge for today.

Must...leave...wallet...alone! :P


Hearthandmade said...

holy crap those things are amazing! LOOK AT THE DYMO TAPE!! Im off to spend a fortune!

Natty said...

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that you got the versatile award! ♥


Persis Shah said...

that punch is too cute!

just stumbled across your blog and i think its GORGEOUS!

please drop by mine too when you have some time. perhaps we can follow each other. =)

have a lovely day!


jo_annie said...

Hi All!

Isn't etsy GREAT... and so BAD for your finances... ha.

natty: THANK YOU!

Persis: I just visited you!!!

silentai. said...

<3 etsy! & you're def. right... bad for finances... ): but still sooo good!

odessa said...

oh, i love that camera case!!! *swoon*

i stay away from etsy because i want to buy everything there...