Sunday, July 11, 2010


So, remember how I mentioned Em was sick on Friday?  The doctor said she had Roseola.  Her fever lasted until Tuesday morning, and as soon as the fever ended the crazy rash started.

I asked the doctor-- as well as several of my nurse co-workers whether she was contagious because we were planning on having a little party at my house this weekend for my friend Stace.  The consensus was that she was no longer contagious once the rash started.

Things were going as planned until late Thursday night when she started a cough (like on old man), and a super stuffy, runny nose.  after going back and forth on it--feeling really bad either way...and with Stace worried that I might freak out the others if they were paranoid about that sorta thing...I (with input from Stace) decided to postpone the party.  Didn't want to risk having her around lots of other kiddos.  And as it turns out there were several others sick too (adults & kids) so I'm thinking it was for the best.

We'll be trying for round two next weekend!  Sorry to those who couldn't cancel food orders, or bought supplies for their potluck contribution.  I feel horrible, and have been feeling bad since Friday morning--as you can tell I'm STILL thinking about it since I'm blogging it! 

On a happier note, Em is feeling much better and I'm praying that she'll be illness free for awhile.  Here she is feeling better...


Dari said...

no worries joanne!! I ended up sick Saturday morning and spent the whole day in bed!! I am finally starting to feel normal again...just in time for work tomorrow. At least our men got to make use of the time!

Rachel M said...

I'm glad she's feeling better. XxX

jo_annie said...

Thanks Dari! It ended up being a success! good to see you!

Rachel: it's been weeks and she still has the rash... =( feeling beter though. thanks!

Sara A said...

I remember when my daughter had roseola when we were living in Japan. She was very fussy and I could not put her down. I think she was one at the time. I had never even heard of it!
I am enjoying reading through your blog!

Sara0811 from swapbot