Thursday, September 23, 2010


remember those friendship bracelets we used to make when we were kids? I'm loving them again... especially modern ones like these...

from lucky brand (zappos)

from juicy couture (revolve)

here's one I made...I was inspired by the summer of love class by kara haupt--we used them as book bindings!

and here's a great website full of tutorials!   

p.s. going to announce the winner of my kind-hearted blogger giveaway tonight or tomorrow morning.  sorry for the delay, also still waiting for one of the prizes to arrive.  be back soon!


Teddi said...

total loveliness, especially the flower one i could nevr afford!

Hearthandmade said...

i love these!! Especially the plume and bloom one! I have to be careful wearing too many bracelets incase ppl need to see my medic-alert bracelet. but i love these!

Kara said...

Mmm. All of these are so pretty!

BuenoBueno said...

i love friendship bracelets! i have watched some pretty funny you tubes of people trying to do how to's.

oh and i wanted to make sure i have your correct address before i send out:)


Rachel M said...

I love these! Thanks for the link to the friendship bracelet site, it's great. :)

Jess Takishita said...

Hey Jo!

I loved the one from Theif & Bandit so much that I ordered one! I should be coming soon! I'm so excited :-) I love the 80's look it has. Sheryl ordered one from erban fiber and she absolutely loves it! Thanks for all the awesome finds. See you Saturday!!!


krissilugbill said...

these are all so cute! thanks for sharing, i feel like me and my bestie need one :) i feel better now knowing i have not outgrown them :)

Leesh said...

Hi there! I am new to your blog. Found you through Life in Technicolor.

You are right, the modern day friendship bracelets are pretty cool. I would totally rock one. Now I am trying to think if I can make something similar. I have the embroidery thread sitting here on my desk but don't have any clasps. These would be pretty little gifts for girlfriends because you know they will wear them. They are too pretty not to wear.