Thursday, April 28, 2011


We've been potty training Em for a couple of months now.  She starts preschool in August.  For the first month or so it was frustrating.  There were many accidents, hours of time on the potty with nothing happening, and days when I'd be thinking..."I'll be perfectly alright with changing her diaper for her whole life."  Then about three weeks ago, something clicked.  I guess she was just ready at her own time.  So far so good.

This totally worked-- she loved getting "stars":

The next obstacle was the public restroom, which we conquered this past weekend with this:

Em Jay is terrified of the public restroom.  The first time she tried, it flushed while she was sitting and she almost flew off.  She grabbed my legs for dear life.  I had to normalize it by telling her to say "bye noisy toilet, see you next time!".  I've learned my lesson, and now cover the sensor with toilet paper. 

Any mommies out there have any tips or suggestions for public restroom anxiety?  Everytime we go to one, the poor girl looks so stressed out.  What about the loud hand-dryer-- she won't even stand near one?  Help!  (And to the non-mommies-- sorry for TMI.) 

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Kim said...

My 3.5 year old Indigo is scared of the hand dryer too, and I can understand why, that thing is obnoxious! Anyhow, she just covers her ears but I guess you could bring special & fun ear muffs along for the public restroom! :)