Sunday, April 24, 2011

EASTER! and a eco-kids egg dye review

This year Em Jay loved dyeing eggs.  She had so much fun-- and sat for over an hour coloring her eggs.

Who's having more fun...Em, or Daddy?

Em discovered that if you paint eggs with tempera paint, then dip them in the dye it makes a very pretty marbled look.

This year, along with our regular old dudley egg dye.  I decided to try natural egg dyes from eco-kids  -- eco-eggs. 

The dye powders come in cute little containers.  Just pour the powder in a cup, add water, and mix.  I absolutely LOVED these dyes.  The colors are beautiful, and they are really easy to use.

Also see the first photo in this post (all the way at the top) for an example of the blue.  The entire two left-side columns of eggs in the photo were made with the eco-kids dyes.

These were my prized ones.  I loved the monochromatic look.

Although they were a bit pricey for egg dye...I will definitely be purchasing the natural dyes again next year.  I ordered mine from imagine childhood for about $15.99. 


Kirsty said...

um WOW this is pretty much the cutest thing I've seen for yonks! I was in a right grump till I saw this cute wee face :)

Happy easter! x

Minnie said...

Those eggs look so cute:D Your little princess did a great job there;)

Ashley said...

so pretty! I wanted to dye eggs, but I had no one to eat all of them once I was finished :(

Anonymous said...

Lokks lyk u had a lot of fun!

Happy Easter!

jo_annie said...

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments! It was a lot of fun!

Eva said...

just found your blog...em is the cutest! what a great tradition, I remember how I loved dying eggs around Easter :)

jennine said...

oh wow! what an amazing easter! it's always more fun with kids... love it!

Shaylee said...

Oooh, I love this! I'm pretty positive I'll be purchasing this next year.

I love your blog, by the way. I'm very glad I found it!