Thursday, April 14, 2011


1. My favorite daily responsibility is: Tucking Em Jay in at night.
2. My least favorite daily responsibility is:  Flat Ironing my hair.
3. My favorite cuisine to eat when going out is: Japanese.
4. My favorite cuisine to prepare at home is: Umm...Microwaved food.
5. Andy Warhol said that everyone is famous for 15 minutes. My claim to fame is:  My 15 minutes hasn't happened yet...
6. If I could have 3 wishes I would wish for:  an early retirement-- like 20 years early.  to be around when my children have their own children. and more time in a day.
7. My biggest pet peeve is: arrogant people

Man, this post made me seem unbelieveably lazy.  Join in at the little things we do.

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