Saturday, May 28, 2011


This Month's Art + Flea was so good! Here's what I got:

1.  Machine Machine Maxi Dress
2.  Robert Oaks Dress -- Second-Hand for $20!
3.  Machine Machine Toddler Dress
4.  Machine Machine Toddler Dress
5.  Cerulean Sunrise Shell Necklace
6.  Machine Machine Strapless Dress

See more of my obsession with Machine Machine here, and here.

Close-up of the necklace...


JessT808 said...

SOOOOO AWESOME! I wore one of my dresses on Friday night :-) Got lots of compliments. I'm so happy that one of us scored that Roberta Oaks dress. Can't wait for next months A&F!

ALLI said...

love it! i've never even heard of machine machine. must check them out!

jo_annie said...

I am so happy you spotted that RO dress, Jess-- I love it!

Alli-- I can totally see you wearing machine machine-- especially the long maxi dresses!