Monday, May 9, 2011


A Random  Assortment of things I love this Monday...

Skype... and Skype photos:

(Marc wasn't there so he was photoshopped into this one! haha.)

This photo of my mom at the Golden Gate Park Rose Garden-- she's peeking out like a little leprechaun-- HAPPY MOM'S DAY!:

American Apparel rompers for little girls!:

Pretty necklace I got for Mother's Day:

(from Rockabella)

Kind Bloggers-- I've had such a wonderfully overwhelming response-- I am back-logged in adding blogs to the list, but slowly working on it. See all of the kind-hearted bloggers here:


Creepy Jen said...

i remember that picture of mom! it's my favorite.

Rachel M said...

A very pretty necklace how lovely. :)