Sunday, May 1, 2011


(posting this a little early...)

This was how my thought process worked for today's "monday love" post.

The other night we finally watched the first "The Voice" episode that we had on our DVR this past week.  I loved it, and think it's much more entertaining than "Idol".

(from google images)

One of the contestants sang American Boy...

Which made me want to look up the video.  I then commented on how Kanye has style.  Marc says, No, he got swagga.  Which then reminded me of this awesome performance...

Which then reminded me of how fabulous M.I.A. is.  She was 9 months pregnant during that performance, by the way.  So this "Monday Love" is dedicated to M.I.A.:

(all images above from google images)

Today, I am loving these things that remind me of her style...

(from vintage vivanti)

(two images above unknown)

(from action vintage)

(from thief and bandit)

(leggings from new york couture )

(vintage wall hanging from secret lake vintage)


Anonymous said...

I'd forgotten about that Grammy performance where she was pregnant. Love M.I.A. xx

Tea Joeli said...

great blog and pics:)

Kirsty said...

YES YES YES to MIA's style - lovely pics dear :) xx