Sunday, May 15, 2011


Interesting and beautiful accessories and jewelry.  All found on Etsy.

Customized Constellation/Astrolgy Sign Cuff by Julie Nolan

Quartz Crystal Cuff by Gather Jewelry

Double Heart Vintage Bracelet from A Common Thread

Secret Stash Bag Bracelet by Ashaloo

i d a Bracelets by A Little Dot

Set of 3 Gold Bangles from Frieda Sophie

Vintage Bird Cuff from A Common Thread

Dream Catcher Bracelet by The Purple Shmurple

Brelok Necklace 9 by Neawear

Rumer Point Necklace by Briana Rose

Night Shift Necklaces by Chelsea 3349


Anonymous said...

Love these. Specially the heart and bird cuffs xx

The Mom Pledge said...

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JelenaDoll ~ said...

I absolutely love the Rumer point necklace!
They look gorgeous!

Natasha Louise said...

I really love that heart bracelet!!