Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge

Going to try this. Operative word... try.  I do need to make use of my camera, as it is now functioning as a dust collector.  Found the challenge here, and here.

Day 1: Self Portrait

Day 2: What I wore today

  • Dress from Target
  • Cardigan from Target
  • Calvin Klein Shoes from Gilt
  • Personalized Hand-Stamped Necklace from Simag that I won from Small for Big


Anonymous said...

OO! me too! I just posted about wantting to do one! THANK YOU! LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR PICTURES! (and btw you are so pretty! love the hair cut!)

Creepy Jen said...

jo. i totally have that dress! i was going to where it today too, but i decided on jeans instead. target, right?

jo_annie said...

@LoganChelsea: THANK YOU!! Will be checking your blog for your photos!

@jen: Haha. Yup, Target. Don't you love that it has pockets?

Anonymous said...

Love this.

Great dress and shoes xx

Rachel M said...

Love your dress! :)

*Vivika said...

really nice dress! I have accepted this challenge too!

Leesh said...

This looks like a fun challenge. Hopefully I wil get up the nerve to do it one day! I can't wait to see how the rest of the days go for you.