Sunday, June 24, 2012


Inspired by this post at Craft Crow from At Home with Ali.


Carmen said...

Aloha! Completely off topic from your cute squiggly drawings, but I took your Kind Hearted Blogger Pledge! And it's always nice to "meet" other local bloggers- I'm on Oahu too. :-)

~ linda @ Being Woven said...

I use this wonderful squiggly art for praying. I draw those lines and write names or needs or concerns in the spaces and then color by how it all feels as I pray. There is a book called "Praying in Color" which is where I learned about using this fun creative way to vent my need to color as well as pray.
I will be back as I came here following another's "Kind Hearted Pledge" button and want to participate as well. But it is late for me.
Thanks. By the way, my sister lives on Kauai.
Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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