Friday, April 2, 2010


I usually take em jay every week to her gymboree play and learn class.  she loves it, and sings, and climbs, and loves parachute time!  last week she was sick with a fever so we skipped class and scheduled for a make up at one of their art classes.

we went today, and what a great class! very cute and well organized. the theme was bugs.  they made bugs out of paper bowls, played with dirt in the tactile table (which she totally loves), read "a very hungry caterpillar", and painted butterfly stencils.  I wish we could afford to do both classes!  highly recommended.

(stenciled butterflies on the left, collage bug on the right)

here's a pic of em jay during lunch today.  she has officially hit her terrible twos.  my usually good-natured child, has suddenly become a "no! monster" -- no to this, no to that... she sure is testing our limits as you can see by this rascal little photo:

I once thought I wanted a feisty, spirited child.  I've realized that what I really want is for her to be confident, and have opinions, but not feisty and bossy.  I am determined as ever to raise a considerate, polite, and most importantly good-hearted human-being...

to be continued...

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