Wednesday, July 14, 2010


  • empty favor container with a clear top like this, or this.
  • tiny silver beads, ball bearings, or recycle an old ball puzzle by breaking apart and using the balls. 
  • circle cutter (my container is round), or scissors (I use Martha Stewart)
  • anywhere hole punch (I use making memories)
  • cardstock
  • rubber stamp.  I used an owl by nikoart.
step one: cut out background paper in a solid color from cardstock to fit the bottom of your container

step two: stamp your image onto cardstock, and cut out to fit the bottom of your container (I used a circle cutter because my container is round)

step three: punch two to three holes wherever you would like the ball to sit.

step four: color your stamped image and glue background piece together with stamped image. then glue to bottom of the container.

step 5: add in your tiny silver balls (two if there are two holes), then put a little glue around container cover edge and cover the box.  let dry.

my mom is really good at this.  she could get them in super fast!

you could customize the theme and use them for little party favors...they're so much fun, and easy to make!


Rachel M said...

These are a great idea, thanks for sharing your tutorial. XxX

Carrie said...

That seems easy enough for even me to do! I love the owl stamp too!

Carrie (following from swap on swapbot - kiwifruit83)

I'll be adding a link to your site on my craft blog (

Kelly Lynn said...

This is so clever! You really could do so much with this! Great tutorial and awesome blog!!
kellylynn9 from swap-bot