Thursday, August 12, 2010


So as I have promised and pledged, I am here to follow up my complaining post with a more positive one.  I guess a day at work with terminally ill people is one way to put things into perspective for you. Here's to a better mood.

Every once in awhile Emily Jay gets fussy and cries over something small, I usually tell her, "Em, why are you crying? Don't cry."  Then she will say to me, "Happy, Happy?"

So this post is dedicated to my Em Jay, who is one of the reasons I want to become a better person.  She inspires me.

Not to mention she needs her mama to be setting a fine example, rather than jumping over some fence to argue with a guy who has probably seen very little kindness in this world.

So, here's my "Happy, Happy" list for today...

I am happy that...
  • Tomorrow is Friday
  • There is a Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook Expo on Saturday. woohoo!
  • I'm planning to eat some frozen yogurt at Menchie's 
  • I get to live in the neighborhood I've grown up in
  • We have built our dream house
  • All of our other neighbors are wonderful
  • And I won this giveaway! yay!
I've been thinking about the whole neighbor incident... thinking that yes, I am still makes me a bit miffed...okay, maybe a lot miffed.  But what can I do to make this more pleasant--to help myself feel better about it too?  I think I just might make a tiny, little "kindness" painting and leave it on our fence.  A little reminder for our unkind neighbors couldn't do any harm, right?  What if the only way to teach someone kindness is to show them...

I'll keep you updated on "operation happy, happy neighbors". Ha!

Also my mom called the owner's (of the home next door) assistant and explained the situation.  We had talked to him about this several times before.  But this time, he said he will work on possibly an eviction notice and see where that goes.  I really hate the thought of people being evicted, especially the other renters (there are about 5-8 of them at a time--all come and go) who cause no harm, but I'm really concerned about the almost daily noise factor, and the safety for our neighborhood.  what with the stabbing incidents, and the fact that one of the other renters said he has to sleep with a baseball bat next to his bed to protect himself from the really is a concern for me.

we'll see what comes of it.

to be continued.

and thanks for the opportunity to vent.


Tiffany said...

I like the "Happy, Happy" list. :) Your daughter sounds adorable. (Your profile photo is so cute, too!)

Glad to hear you're able to stay positive, despite the neighbor issues. I hope everything turns out well. And don't worry, we all need to vent sometimes!

Rachel M said...

It's lovely to see that you can stay so positive. I hope you get things sorted with your neighbours though, it sounds awfull!


Carrie Lynn said...

AH! I cant believe you won the MS Raffle! That's so intense.

Also, I've found that the key to happy neighbors is fed neighbors. I think I'm known in my complex as "the girl who makes you dinner if you have a baby" and "the girl who will drop off treats for no reason at all."
Perhaps that can be a part of your operation? :)

jo_annie said...

Thanks Tiffany...I appreciate that!

Rachel...thanks. I will keep you guys updated of any new happenings...I assure you I am trying to keep positive! =)

Carrie Lynn-- I know...super excited about all those elsie prints and other goodies. and I wish you were MY neighbor!!!! =)