Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I've been wanting to showcase  local designers from hawaii for awhile now.  But was finally inspired to after this past weekend's made in hawaii festival.

  • I mentioned earlier that I bought two roberta oaks dresses for $60 (on the sale rack!!)... now I am addicted to her dresses-- they are sooo comfortable and cute.  the dresses I bought are similar to the 3rd photo--but in different prints/colors.
(photos above from robert oaks website)
  • I've also been stalking the machine machine etsy shop lately.  her designs are made from repurposed vintage clothing... the cute hat is made from a vintage aloha shirt.

(photos above from machine machine etsy shop)
 (photos above from fighting eel webshop)
  • and kawaii girls dresses and bags from moopiland (she makes adult dresses too!)
(photos above from moopimart online shop)
  • more local shopping... this thursday my friends jess, sheryl, and I are planning on attending this event:

can't wait, and hope to have some photos to share!!!


Unknown said...

the first set of photos -- the last dress is gorgeous!! I love Em Jay.. she is the cutest wee button! those are gorgeous!! If i ever have a daughter... God help her.. and god help my bank balance from buying pretty fabrics!!

I love the graphic at the end too! Cant wait for the new pics!

Mandy said...

Ooo I LOVE that green and gray dress! Gorgeous!

Kara said...

Oh. Cute, cute dresses!